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Discover Your Next Value Driven Opportunity with Keystone Studios

A disruptive approach to TV, film & digital production, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline workflows and reduce costs


As seen...

  • Underserved Market: Addresses the growing demand for modern production facilities in the thriving NYC/New Jersey area.
  • Cost-Competitive Advantage: NJEDA incentives and strategic location offer significant production cost savings compared to New York City.
  • Accomplished Team: Proven track record of success in the entertainment industry development and finance.

Secure equity in Keystone Studios, a high-tech TV & film production facility strategically positioned within New Jersey's booming media landscape.

Leveraging both New Jersey State Aspire and Film & Digital Media Tax Credit Programs to generate a secure high-yield investment.

  • Projected IRR: 33% based on actual investor contributions.
  • NJEDA Transformative Project: Qualifies for substantial additional state equity investment of $106,000,000, maximizing investor leverage and potential returns.
  • Flexible Entry: Equity investments begin at $10,000,000.
  • NJ Tax Incentive Advantage: Productions benefit from the NJ TV & Film Tax Incentive, further boosting demand and project profitability.
  • Project Size: 500,000 square feet state-of-the-art studio complex designed to attract top-tier productions.

Keystone Studios is a qualified transformative project under the State of New Jersey’s Aspire tax credit program, thereby reducing acquisition and construction costs and creating a higher return for our investors.

Join us in backing one of the fastest growing and in demand sectors

01 /New Jersey

New Jersey is positioned to surpass New York as the leading destination for all media productions.

02 / Tax Credit

Keystone Studios is a qualified New Jersey Film & Digital Media Tax Credit facility maximizing a productions’ profits.

03 /Full Service

Keystone Studios is a full-service facility housing all essential services and vendors under one roof, we orchestrate a seamless production life cycle eliminating inefficiencies.

04 /Emerging Tech

Empowering creators with innovation. We leverage emerging technology to streamline production, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality film, TV, and digital content.

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